Transformation Arena is a website created by Odachi65. Transformation Arena is a Browser-Based Multiplayer Turn Based RPG, with a Transformative twist. In the game, characters slowly transform as they take damage, with the loser of the battle fully transforming into something else entirely. Fight against the computer or other players as you try to transform your opponent before you are defeated. And with the ability to create any character you like, there is no limit to the Transformations that can be made.
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The features in this game include:

- Single Player and Multiplayer Battles

- In Depth Character Creation System, including Character Stats, Special Attacks, and Custom-Written Transformation Descriptions

- Characters created are available for all to play, allowing content to expand organically.

- And Much More!

Other Information

The game is now in Open Beta. While the game is fully functional, there are still many exciting new features and refinements that can be made. The game is completely free, so sign up and give it a try! I hope you all enjoy.

You can find a discussion thread on these links: Here! or here.

The game is coded with Ruby on Rails. The game is open source, and if you're interested you can check out the code here:…