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"Fuck this, I don't wanna be some prince charming let alone royalty." ~ Talon

Talon Lambert is one of the main cast for Salvation R. He is a former gang member of the Sundowner Pirates, he later joined the Teckis only to later leave them too. He used to go to a Gaizen City Police Academy for training but ended up getting kicked out for breaking the law and joining a gang. Talon is friends with Doug, Orevin,


Talon has an older brother and sister their names are Galon and Kelly, making him "The Runt" of the family. His father wanted him to join Cryo at the age of 16, Talon became rebellious of the idea to be a soldier and joined a gang. His father kicked him out of the house at the age of 15 when he broke the law and ruined his future as a soldier. His job as a gang member of the Sundowner Pirates was to kidnap women and bring them back to his gang leader Alcatraz.


Hydra Tongue

Hydra Tongue

The Hydra Tongue is Talon's weapon of choice. He does not posses much skills of a swordsmen, instead he made his own fighting style calling it the Talon-way. Despite his selfishness and arrogance, he is really good at fighting with the sword thanks to his old ways of being a gang member of the Sundowner pirates. They thought him how to fight with a sword and when to kill with it. Talon's fighting style is a mixed martial arts one. Many people claimed that he fight like a UFC fighter when being arrested by the cops. At times Talon can fight unfair and use a gun in a sword fight.


Talon is a arrogant and reckless person, he will always start a fight when he wants to. Whenever there is a women near by he will always make a catcall to one of them or be very inappropriate around them even in front of Martha. Talon will always have everyday social intercourse with Martha whenever he gets the chance to do it, there never is a day they take a break... Galon dislikes his personality as an individual and distances himself from Talon. Talon always makes fun of him for his fear.


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