STOP HOLD ON! This article contains spoilers from the Salvation R comic series! Just to let you know you have been warned.

"Just to make things clear between you and I, WE WILL NEVER GET ALONG AS SISTERS YUNIE! ~ Rune"

Rune Oda is one of the main cast from the series Salvation R, she is also Yunie's twin sister in the novel. Rune is the only character to have the same colors as her sister. Unlike Yunie she was not trained to become a samurai, she was interested in magic and spells, not self-defense.


Rune Oda is the youngest daughter of Nobunaga Oda, she is the fourth sibling of the Oda clan. Her Mother Kitsuno loved her and Yunie the most because they were both conceived at the same time. Rune is different compared to her sister, she acts more Aggressive and Uptight. She used so have longer hair but has cut it down in order to look different compared to Yunie. Nobunaga sent her away from home at the age of seven when Kitsuno passed on, it is unknown why he did so. Her foster parents Lars and Tohoma treated her terribly. Rune would go hungry at nights or be beaten for talking to people. She fled from her foster home to become a Blood Mage. She ended up joining a cult that had blood mage practice and she was more then willing to obey them. The Cults leader Tika-Boba took Rune in as one of her students and thought her everything she knew.




Runes Weapon is the Rose'bud, it was given to her as a gift from Tika-Boba. This weapon is used with magic for it can come apart and put itself back together to look like a sword. When a part it can act like bullets and rapidly stab at her foes. She uses Blood Magic that can summon Demons and/or seal them away. Despite her not learning self defense she learned how to fight bear handed if she ran out of blood magic. One flaw about her Blood Magic is she will grow fatigued and dizzy if she prolongs her use of magic for too long.


Rune is a very rude and cynical person. She will always mock a person who is in pain, crying, or in suffering.

Despite her personality she is friends with Kimiko, Miko, Aziza, Xena, Belle, and Catherine.


This is Kanbei's fifth character. When Kanbei was making her he tells this wiki "At first she had a cloned personality just like Yunie and boy did I not like that." He laughed "I wanted to make her look and act more mean then her twin sister" Kanbei said. "I needed a character that was a twin but it needed a dramatic story." Kanbei says "As for her I made it so it looks like she went crazy from being neglected but you know, your never alone forever." Kanbei said "My brother and I decided to give her a more dominatrix look rather then a witch, and here she is today."