STOP HOLD ON! This article contains spoilers from the Salvation R comic series! Just to let you know you have been warned.

"If the children are lost what is our future? Nothing but a lost cause." ~ Maya

Maya Kimoa is one of the main cast for Salvation R. She is a teacher at Gaizen Cities School Pledger's Academy. She may look young for her age, but she is 37. She graduated at the top of her class at the age of 15 and has began teaching at the very school she loved at the age of 16. Many people do not know it, but she is a psykey.


Maya is the only child in her family, she does not have any brothers or sisters. Her mother Clover told her that her father Yohna left to fight in a war many years ago, it is unknown if he is alive or died. Her step father Bruno came into her life at the age of 9 he made her childhood better Maya learned how to make friends, read, and write. At the age of 14 her step father divorced her mother and left Maya and her mother alone, this was at the time when she was still in college getting her degree for her masters. All she does now is smile and always make her students have fun in her class, no matter how bad their day was.


Maya uses psychokinesis for her weapon of choice, she can melt minds change people's train of thought and even get enemies to fight for her. She can lift things with her mind powers that are 12 times there size. She can crate barriers out of thin air with her powers, the only way to take those out are to physically hurt her and make her lose focus.


Maya is a very kind and passionate person, she mainly loves children and will love to have some of her own someday. She will treat her students like her own children. At times Maya loves to investigate problems at her school and find the issue with it. When she first met Orevin she did not panic for she already read his thoughts ahead of time, instead she welcomed him with open arms. She detests the idea of wars that involve kids, it pains her to even think about it.


This is Kanbei's sixth character. "When my brother made Orevin I thought, I need to make an alien too." Said Kanbei "So I made a few renders of her. Many of her renders looked like your typical stereotype Alien in anime that found with a weapon, so I ended up scrapping those." Kanbei says "After throwing those away I thought how would a human alien look like? So I took some time to do more research and found a few good resources from visual novels. And here she is today." Kanbei Said.

It is unknown if Kanbei believes in aliens.