STOP HOLD ON! This article contains spoilers from the Salvation R comic series! Just to let you know you have been warned.

"That is impossible, there is no possible way to use magic in this world." ~ Kazuma

Kazuma Kelper is one of the main cast for Salvation R. He is a cloned human from the C.R.Y.O.'s genius Kazhuo. Despite his cloned personality from his father he was born with a sense of right and wrong, His interest is to always do research and work on anything that catches his interest, Most of the time is autopsies.


Kazuma was a born science experiment made to repel the R.E.B.E.L. forces who were fighting back against C.R.Y.O. His creator/gene holder Kazhuo was intended on making him a super soldier. However he only gained massive intelligence from his tests from Kazhuo. Kazuma has no other family members beside Kazhuo who is his biological father. He is friends with Justin, Talon and Doug. He looks exactly like his father but younger.


Kazuma's Gun

Kazuma's Gun

Unlike other Salvation R members Kazuma uses a revolver with very precise accuracy. He lacks close combat skills and will never get involved in a battle. He usually wants to work with technology then be out on a battlefield. He is very good at communication skills with his allies.


Kazuma is a very calm and quiet person, his goal is to not just fight for justice but to become the best scientist who ever existed. Even though his father Kazuho wanted to make him into a super soldier his DNA refused to be affected by the changes Kazhuo made to him. Unlike normal people Kazuma can heal wounds quicker then any nurse or doctor can. Anybody who ever goes to Kazuma hurt or sick can be treated with high chances of surviving their outcome.


This is Kanbei's seventh character. "This was originally going to be Justin's cloned brother but we decided that was not a good idea from the start for our novel." Said Kanbei "So I gave him his look here. At the time he had more vivid colors then his black and white look, they where more sky blue and yellow which did not really feel like a clone type of character. So, for a reference I used a Star Wars Clone Trooper colors to see how it would look for his final design I ended up liking this look way more then the other." Said Kanbei.