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Kisekae 2 Update Thread

January 2016

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Pouchikou's Update notes

16.01.31 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added bangs
16.01.29 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added Bra & Panties
16.01.28 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added earrings, Added earrings color
16.01.27 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added handheld item, Add color of shoes,Bug Fixes
16.01.26 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.23 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.22 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added balloon that can be freely arranged
16.01.21 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added balloon that can be freely arranged & Specification change
16.01.18 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added balloon that can be freely arranged, Bug Fixes
16.01.17 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.16 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.15 [K-ON! Dress 2]Flags added that can be freely arranged
16.01.13 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added Ribbon
16.01.12 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added Ribbon
16.01.11 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added Ribbon, Bug Fixes
16.01.10 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.09 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.08 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.07 [K-ON! Dress 2]Added handheld item
16.01.06 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes
16.01.05 [K-ON! Dress 2]Bug Fixes

Looks like Pochi finally adds something important for us! The very important speech bubble tool and the less important flag tool.

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