Forum Rules

1. Do not roleplay here on the forums or wiki pages. If your gonna roleplay anyway just PM eachother so that we keep this place organized.

2. racism, spamming, trolling, cyberbullying, is not allowed you will be banned if caught and lose the ability to edit wiki pages, forever!

3. Be polite here, it's not nice to be rude to anyone here on the Kisekae 2 Wiki forums.

4. You may not post on behalf of any banned member in any public manner. Example, if you are a friend of a banned user seeking "revenge" you will be banned too.

5. No advertising! I don't care if your business is struggling this is a fanon wiki not a street advertising billboard! Go advertise somewhere else!

6. Do not ask to be a admin! Your request will get ignored! You'll be an admin when you have earned it.

7. Do not remove any pages without admin permisson! We work hard to keep this place organized.

8. Please use only one account, we have to keep it organized here. We can't have multiple accounts of one person.

9. Hentai is allowed but to a degree no child pornography, vore, scat, blueberrying, pony porn, etc... Most of that gross stuff is outlawed in certain countries/territories so please don't be stupid and do it anyway.

10. Non original characters (Example. Naruto, Pokemon, Etc...) are allowed but cannot be profiled like an original cahracter would be, See here for example! Only say where they came from and God Forbid! Don't claim them as your own because they are copyrighted!

11. Play nice have fun and we are happy to have you here on the Kisekae 2 Wiki!